Book a Bellydancer

Thrilling performances - fairytale shows - magical moments

"Lost is the day when we didn't even dance!" 

* Do you want your guests to get in the mood for a family celebration?

* For the hen party you want to offer your friends a mini workshop?

* Your company is hosting a summer party or a Christmas party and would like a special,

oriental flavoured highlight? 


There are simply 1001 occasions that get that "certain something" through an oriental dance performance. Therefore, I create an individual program for each request, which is specially tailored to the occasion, the local conditions and the audience. 

Special Props?

Different props create different moods of the performance.

Fans, Fan Veils or Isiswings have a magical and mysterious effect.

Stick or Sword exude power and energy.

A candle tray  is particularly suitable for birthday surprises and conjures up a unique atmosphere.

And finally: The dance on glasses - a highlight that is rarely found

Or something completely different?

Then maybe a hit from the Indian Bollywood films, graceful Persian dance or a dash of Balkan power? Or do you have a special favorite song to dance to? The possibilities are almost limitless!

Last but not least:

What I need for the perfect performance:

* A room to change

* A powerful music system


My fee consists of the following services:

* Preparation and implementation of the performance (e.g. Music selection, staging, costume selection, make-

 up, travel expenses, etc.)

* Years of dance experience, dance training and constant continuing education

* Professional costumes