Learn Oriental Dance

When the sun is a long time coming, oriental dance brings light to the soul and heart. It's not just the music that transports us to warmer places, the whole body is stimulated from head to toe. Above all, the small muscles and the deep muscles that stabilize the spine are trained. The beautiful and harmonious movements of oriental dance such as circles, figure eights and waves relieve tension, improve posture and balance and lead to new energy and joie de vivre. Each woman (and even man) no matter age or size can learn this beautyful dance and train the whole body in a soft and holistic way.  

I am a qualified teacher, dance instructor, yoga teacher (Hatha, aerial, children's and teen yoga) and NLP master practitioner.


The holistic design of my teaching is very important to me. We learn movement not only by seeing and implementing it, but also by tracing and feeling it, so I like to work with inner images and perception exercises that help you get to know your own body and make it easier to implement movement.

Yoga asanas also complement my dance training in order to specifically increase muscle building and mobility. Interdisciplinary dance technique and work on expression round off my lessons. Appreciation of every student and their respective level of training is a special, personal concern of mine.

Online Bellydance Training

Mobility & Isolation

After a yoga-based warm-up, we clean our isolation, train our mobility and devote ourselves to simple and sometimes challenging coordination exercises. We end the class with a gentle stretching session.  Beginners are very welcome!


Mondays, 5.30pm-6.30pm


Investment for all classes:

Single hour 10,- | 5 tickets 40,- 

Catching up via recording possible